High Flow Edition (Black)

Product image 1High Flow Edition (Black)
Product image 2High Flow Edition (Black)
Product image 3High Flow Edition (Black)

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The Spray Box - High Flow Edition is the term used to describe our innovative new line of products.  Our High Flow Edition wash-down systems are 3x more powerful than our original models. We accomplished this by upgrading the water pump. The High Flow Editions open water flow rate at the spray nozzle is now 3 gallons per minute. The open flow rate of the original Spray Box is around 1 gallon per minute. We also had to increase the size of the coil hose in order for this new design to work. All High Flow Edition wash-down systems use a standard size garden hose and garden hose fittings to handle the increased water flow rate. 

 The purpose behind the new Hi-Flow design is to give our customers the ability to rinse off their belonging faster and more thoroughly saving both time and energy for the user. For example, what once took nine minutes to rinse off a boat trailer can now be completed in three. 

The High Flow Edition / Truck Mount Series is a self-contained freshwater wash down system that mounts over the wheel well in the bed of a pick up truck. It provides a convenient source of high-pressure freshwater that can be used to rinse, clean or cool off with when a conventional water source is unavailable. The Spray Box is a “one size fits all” product, fitting 99% of the trucks on the market today, both “full and “mid-size” models. Its universal design also allows it to be mounted on the “driver” or “passenger” side of the truck. Click here for box measurements.

New Feature - We've added a water valve to all of our High Flow Edition truck box's drain port. This new feature allows an auxiliary water tank to be temporarily connected to the Spray Box with a standard garden hose when more water is needed. This water valve also make draining the tank much easier. Just open the valve to drain the tank. 


Kit Includes – Wiring harness (23 feet), zip ties, inline fuse, mounting brackets, hardware and, installation instructions.

*The Spray Box may not be compatible with some bed covers and toppers***








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