Winterizing The Spray Box


The Spray Box must be protected from freezing temperatures. Failure to do so may cause major damage to the diaphragm pump and spray nozzle assembly that is not covered under The Spray Box warranty policy. These problems can be prevented by following the winterizing procedure outlined below.

Start the winterizing process by pulling the water inlet line from The Spray Box’s water reservoir housing. Allow it to rest on the outside of The Spray Box. Turn The Spray Box on and start spraying. It is okay for the diaphragm pump to run dry. Continue spraying until water no longer comes out of the spray nozzle. This process may take up to two minutes, depending on the length of the coil hose. Position the spray nozzle and coil hose assembly below The Spray Box while spraying to ensure all water is expelled. The Spray Box can be turned off when water is no longer flowing through the spray nozzle. The diaphragm pump and coil hose are now cleared. The water in the water reservoir does not need to be emptied or drained. It is ok for the water to freeze, as long as the water lines and diaphragm pump are emptied and contain no water.  

De-winterizing The Spray Box.
De-winterizing The Spray Box is easy. Insert the water inlet line back into The Spray Box’s water reservoir and fill with fresh water. Turn the Spray Box on and spray water from the spray nozzle for a minimum of 1.5 minutes or until the water flowing out of it is clear again. The Spray Box has now been de-winterized.

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