Freshwater wash-down system for hunting.  Bird hunting tool
The Spray Box and hunting go hand in hand. Cleaning what you harvested for the day while in the field has never been easier. It also works great for rinsing off the hunting dogs and providing them with a water source. Washing dirt and mud off your boots and waders is just another plus for The Spray Box. 
The Spray Box-Truck Mount Series is a freshwater wash-down system that permanently mounts in the bed of a pick up truck. It provides a convenient source of pressurized freshwater when a conventional water source is unavailable. The "on-demand" electric water pump wires directly to the truck's 12v battery with the included wiring harness and is ready to go with a flip of the switch. A major advantage of an electric water pump is the ability to provide a consistent water flow rate from a full tank until it's empty. This is an important factor that needs to be considered when researching mobile freshwater systems. Click the "Our Products" tab above to find a Spray Box Option that is right for you! 
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