Fire / Arson

Arson Wall paper with The Spray Box

The Spray Box-Truck Mount Series is a freshwater wash-down system that permanently mounts in the bed of a pick up truck. It provides a convenient source of pressurized freshwater when a conventional water source is unavailable. The "on-demand" electric water pump wires directly to the vehicles 12v battery and is ready to go with a flip of the switch.

Fire Investigators across the country are using The Spray Box in the field on a daily basis to clean and decontaminate their fire investigation tools. Why is this necessary? Because the question that comes up most in an arson investigation is "how did you ensure your testing equipment was clean prior to arriving on site?" We have a Spray Box, freshwater wash-down system your honor. The Spray Box is also used as tool itself to rinse soot from work boots and wash hands while onsite. We have options for both pick-up trucks and SUVs. We sell our products to city, county, state and federal entities. Check out our "Our Product" link above to find a Spray Box option that is right for you!

F-150 with Spray Box installed

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