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The Spray Box concept originated in the summer of 2009. It's sole purpose was to rinse corrosive saltwater off of a boat trailer immediately after launching a boat. After three years of building and testing various proto-types, The Spray Box was finally ready for release. Since its conception many other uses for The Spray Box have been discovered, making it a "Must Have" accessory for anybody that works or plays outdoors.

Today our company takes great pride in building quality products for our customers. Using only the highest quality sub-components, our products are built to last. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority so we have designed all of our products with the commercial user in mind. If a problem should arise our team of customer service representatives will be there to assist. We also carry a complete line of replacement parts to maintain our products beyond their warranty period.

Please Feel free to Contact Us using the link at the bottom of this page with any questions or concerns. And please help spread the word by liking us on Facebook and recommending us to your friends.


Justin Wheeless - Inventor / CEO

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