The Spray Box was originally released as a specialty product for the marine industry. It's a commercial grade freshwater wash-down system that mounts in the bed of a pick-up truck to rinse corrosive saltwater off of a boat trailer immediately after launching a boat. The product has worked great for this but over time we've realized there is room for improvement. With this in mind we set out to build a BETTER freshwater wash-down system for the marine market place.  

The Spray Box-High Flow Series was developed to check all the boxes our  original model didn't. The High Flow Series water pump provides 3X more water (gallons per minute) when compared to the original model's water pump. This is an important factor to consider when washing off a boat trailer. The faster you can rinse it off, the sooner you can get on the boat and out on the water. Another change we made was adding a standard size garden coil hose and fittings to the High Flow Series wash-down system. A larger diameter water hose was needed to handle the increased water flow. This change also gives our customers the ability to increase the length of the water hose as needed. We tested our pump with a 75' garden hose without any issues. Thoroughly rinsing off a boat trailer of any length is now possible because of this new feature!

Water Capacity - Worried about The Spray Box water tank not holding enough water to rinse off your trailer? This is no longer an issue!  We have come up with an innovative way to increase the water capacity of the tank. This is done by connecting a secondary water tank using a water draw hose. We added a water valve to The Spray Box-High Flow Series drain port which allows this connection to be made. The second tank can range in size from 5 to 100+ gallons, giving the user more than enough water to quickly rinse a large boat trailer down and have enough water left over to flush the motors if needed. This is a nice option to have for those that do a lot of traveling with their boat. What's also nice is the secondary water tank can easily be removed when the additional water isn't needed. 

 Quick Connect Hose Fittings make extending The Spray Box's coil hose or changing its hose attachments a seamless process. Our fitting's have a "stop water flow" feature that automatically stops the water when disconnected. These fittings come in handy when the user wants to quickly add a longer garden hose to the set up.

 Quick connect features



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