Provides a continuous Supply of High-Pressure Freshwater...Anytime, Anywhere!!!

Truck Mount Series

Recreational Uses

The Spray Box was originally built for boat owners.  Its purpose was to rinse corrosive saltwater off their boat trailer and gear after a day on the water. It also works great in other outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, hiking, mountain biking, motocross/ATV, etc. 

Commercial Applications

The Spray Box is built to last because we only use commercial grade parts. Our products are used worldwide by arson investigators, wildlife/animal control officer, , farmers, building contractors, coal miners, excavation companies, etc. 

Special Events

The Spray Box is a "MUST HAVE" accessory for tailgating, mud runs, music festivals and many other outdoor activities. It provides a convenient supply of high-pressure freshwater when a conventional water source is unavailable. 

Video gallery

A collection of videos that show what a Spray Box is, how it works and how it can be used

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