Jeep'n with The Spray Box

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 Do you own a Jeep? Do you like taking it off-road? Is a good mud hole something you challenge yourself to go through instead of avoiding? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a Spray Box might be right for you!

So what is a Spray Box? The Spray Box is a freshwater rinsing system that mounts in the back of a Jeep. It provides a convenient source of  high-pressure freshwater that can be used to rinse, clean, or cool off with when a conventional water source is unavailable.  The Spray Box really comes in handy when you are in the middle of nowhere and need water now, instead of later. Cleaning mud out of the wheel a brake assemblies, rinsing off the windshield, putting out campfires, cleaning cooking utensils and rinsing off yourself are just a few examples of how our product is used.  You really can’t appreciate the value of The Spray Box until you spend a weekend in the woods with somebody that owns one. Then you realize the Spray Box is not just and accessory, but rather a tool that many of our customers just can’t live without.

A freshwater wash-downs station is a common accessory on many fishing boats. Boat owners appreciate the convenience of a freshwater wash-down station when they are miles offshore.  Jeeps owner will find the same appreciation when they are deep in the woods, far from home. The Spray Box can also be used as a Jeep mounted, portable shower. We offer an optional shower spray nozzle  that works great for this! It can be purchased from our website.

We currently offer two options of the Spray Box for Jeeps. They are the Spray Box Mini and The Spray Box Interface. The Spray Box Mini is self-contained unit that fits nicely in the back of any Jeep. It holds 5 gallons of water and plugs into a 12v socket for power.  The water pump pressurizes the water to 100 psi. The custom spray nozzle conserves the water, meaning  you get close to 10 minutes of continuous spray out of the 5-gallon tank.  The Spray Box Interface is similar to the Spray Box Mini, but it allows you to mount the control and hose assembly in a location separate from the water tank. This is important because it gives the customer the ability to customize the size of the water tank they want to have on board at any given time. You could keep a 5-gallon tank in the back of the Jeep the majority of the time, but then disconnect it and add a larger water tank when camping or hitting the off-road parks. How it is set up and where the interface is mounted is entirely up to the customer. The Interface is considered a custom install where as the Mini is more of a “plug n play” product. Both the Spray Box Mini and The Spray Box Interface work just as well on many other types of vehicles. We have customers mounting them in their  UTV’s,  SUV’s, cars, boats, swamp buggies, etc. The mounting options are endless!

If a commercial grade freshwater sprayer is something you are considering for your ride…then please visit our website for more information. Also feel free to give us a call if you have any questions concerning custom mounting options.  850-558-5888

Article information provided courtesy of Straight Lifted 4X4  Please follow them on facebook for more info on our products and how they are used in the Jeeping community.



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