Protecting you property from saltwater corrosions

In case you haven’t heard, saltwater corrosion is a major problem. It will destroy all types of metals and rubber components it comes in contact with if they are not properly taken care of.  Saltwater corrosion affects gear used by boaters, jet skiers, kayakers, wade fishermen, scuba divers, kite boards, paddle boards, etc. If you participate in an outdoor of activity that that takes place in or around saltwater, please take note because this next section is for you.

The best way to protect you property from saltwater corrosion is to rinse it with off with freshwater as soon you are done using it for the day.  A lot of times this is not possible because the nearest source of freshwater is at home, 2 hours away.  The salt still needs to be rinsed off when you get home but sooner would have been better in any situation!

Today there is a new product on the market called The Spray Box that’s specifically designed to alleviate this problem.   The Spray Box allows you to rinse or wash off your boat trailer, Jet Ski, trailer, or kayak immediate after launching, right there at the boat landing. Be sure to spray off the brake and springs assemblies real well.   This is very important because they are very susceptible to saltwater and tend to rust out pretty quickly!

The Spray Box is a 12v, truck mount, freshwater sprayer, also known as a  high-pressure freshwater wash-down system that neatly mounts in the bed of a pick-up truck above the wheel well.  It provides a quick and convenient source of freshwater that can be used rinse, wash, clean, or cool off with in remote locations when a conventional water sources is unavailable. It holds 10 gallons of freshwater, and delivers it through the spray nozzle at 100 psi,  The Spray Box is the perfect tool for getting this job done!  We also have two other products available for this same application.  They are called the “The Spray Box Interface Module” and “The Spray Box POD”. All three of our products serve the same purpose, High-pressure freshwater, anytime, anywhere! The difference in the three models is how and where they can be mounted! Both the POD and Interface Module will fit in or on Jeeps, SUVs, UTV, lawn trailers, horse trailers, boats, swamp buggies, etc.

With The Spray Box installed, corrosive saltwater can easily be rinsed off of your person possessions as soon as they come out of the water,  greatly reduces the corrosion process from starting. Boat trailers are not cheap. Having an easy way to rinse them off at the landing immediately after launching is a great preventative measure that should not be overlooked.  The same could be said for scuba gear, fishing poles, surf equipment, beach chairs etc. The Spray Box also can be used as a portable shower, or truck mount outdoor shower, allowing the user to rinse him or herself  off  before going home.

There are several other “12v portable electric water sprayers” or “portable power washers” on the market it today.  Names such as such as Nomad 2 Go, Mobi, Big Kahuna Shower, and the Trac outdoor multipurpose portable pump are just a few that we can think of. These products are similar to The Spray Box product line, but our products are remain superior. All you have to do is compare the product specs to see the differences. We use commercial grade components, have the largest water reservoir (10 gal), and get the highest psi (100 psi) out of our pumps. Please visit our website if you would like to learn more about our products.

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