The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option

Product image 1The Spray Box Interface- Freshwater Wash-down System. Customizable
Product image 2The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option
Product image 3The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option
Product image 4The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option
Product image 5The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option
Product image 6The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option
Product image 7The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option
Product image 8Custom freshwater wash-down system mounted in an enclosed lawn / utility trailer.  #spraybox Interface
Product image 9The Spray Box Interface - Custom Install Option

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The Spray Box Interface is the smallest version of our freshwater wash-down systems. We take the main components from our “Spray Box –Truck Mount Series” and put them in a small box. The Spray Box Interface can then be customized to meet our customer’s specific needs. The Spray Box Interface comes standard with a High-Pressure Water Pump, toggle switch,  a 10’ or 25’ coil hose and a 7-pattern spray nozzle. The Interface also includes a water inlet port (3/4” male, garden hose thread fitting). The water inlet port gives the end-user the ability to easily connect a water tank of any size or shape to it by using a standard garden hose as the water draw-line. Other options for a water supply are pulling water out of a Yeti type cooler or inserting a water draw-line with a filter on it directly into a lake, river, creek or any other body of freshwater.

 The customization of the Spray Box Interface doesn’t end there. The Spray Box Interface comes standard with the coil hose assembly and water inlet port in the locations shown in the product’s pictures. Where the coil hose comes out of the box and the water inlet port goes in is 100% customizable. Same goes for the toggle switch. Front, top, bottom, back or side…..our customer service reps will be happy to assist in building a customized box that works for you!

 Mounting – There are many ways The Spray Box Interface can be mounted. Determine where the box is to be installed for your project. Next, decide if our standard version of the Interface Box as shown in the pictures below will work for your application. If it doesn’t work, contact us and we can help with the customization process. There are a variety of ways to fasten the box in the location you wish to mount it. Start by removing the faceplate and figure out a good place to drill 2 holes through the back side of the Interface box that line up with surface it is to be mounted to. Then decide which type of hardware will work best. You can use nuts and bolts, self-tapping screws, toggle bolts, etc. We are happy to assist if there are any questions. All we need are some pictures to see what you are working with. Contact Us

 Wiring- The Spray Box Interface includes a standard 2-pin electrical connector that can be connected to one of our Spray Box wiring harness kits. It can be purchased separately on our website. Another option is for the customer to build their own wiring harness. If going the “build your own” route….be sure to install a 10 amp inline fuse to the positive side of the battery terminal.

Water Draw Line – The water draw line is a water hose the customer will either build themselves or purchase from us that is used to connect The Spray Box Interface to a water source. The fitting on the Interface box is a Male, ¾” Garden Hose Thread (GHT). A Female, ¾” Garden Hose Thread (GHT) is required on at least on side of the hose. The other side will be customized to fit the water tank or cooler that it is being connected to.

Allow-1-2 weeks for customized boxes. Rush assembly is possible for an additional fee.


Interface Box Size =  13.5  X 8.5  X 5  inches

Material – Polypropylene

Manufacturing Process – Roto-Mold

Water Pump  1.3 GPM @ 100 psi

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