High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface

Product image 1High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 2High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 3High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 4High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 5High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 6High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 7High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface
Product image 8High Flow Edition - Spray Box Interface

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 The Spray Box Interface-High Flow Series is the smallest version of our commercial grade, freshwater wash-down systems. This model gives our customers additional mounting options when space is limited. The interface and water tank can be mounted in different locations for optimum customization. It was created for our customers wanting to go for a more custom route when building a freshwater wash-down system. 

The Spray Box Interface -High Flow Series comes standard with our new high-volume/high-pressure water pump and an oversized, 25’ coil hose with adjustable garden spray nozzle. Our High Flow Series products spray 3X more water per minute. This speeds up the cleaning process when rinsing off larger items such as boat trailers, kayaks, paddle boards, etc. 

 The Spray Box Interface- High Flow Series water inlet and water outlet ports are both standard 3/4", male, brass garden hose fittings. This gives our customers the ability to connect any size water tank (5 to 100+ gal.) to the Spray Box Interface using a standard garden hose as the water draw-line. Some of our creative customers have connected their Spray Box Interface to a Yeti or similar type cooler and use them as the water source. Others customers have had custom water tanks built into their vehicle or trailers. Options are endless with a Spray Box Interface.

 Mounting – Mounting the Spray Box Interface is easy. Start by removing its faceplate and water pump from the box. Find a suitable place to mount the Interface housing to and drill 2 holes through the back side of the Interface box that lines up with the surface to be mounted on. Then decide which type of hardware will work best. You can use nuts and bolts, self-tapping screws, toggle bolts, etc. We are happy to assist if there are any questions. All we need are some pictures to see what you are working with. Contact Us

 Wiring Harness- The Spray Box Interface DOES NOT come with a wiring harness. Customers can order a High Flow Series, Spray Box wiring harness kit from our website or build one themself. If going  the "build your own" route, be sure to install a 20 amp inline fuse and use a minimum of 12 gauge electrical wire for the harness. The fuse assemble "MUST BE" connected to the positive side of the battery terminal.


Interface Box Size =  13.5  X 8.5  X 5  inches

Water Pump- Hi Flow Series,  5.3 GPM @ 70 psi

Coil Hose - 25' , 5/8" inner diameter, commercial grade quality

Spray Nozzle - Adjustable, Heavy duty

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