The Spray Box - Portable Model (15 Gal.)

Product image 1The Spray Box - Portable Model (15 Gal.)
Product image 2The Spray Box - Portable Model (15 Gal.)
Product image 3The Spray Box - Portable Model (15 Gal.)
Product image 4The Spray Box - Portable Model (15 Gal.)

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The Spray Box-Portable Model is a 15-gallon, self-contained freshwater wash-down system that fits in the cargo area of most SUV’s and Jeeps. It can also be placed on UTV/ATV's, boats, trailers, etc and can easily be removed when not in use. This model comes with a 12v cigarette lighter socket power cable. An optional alligator clip wiring harness can be purchased separately which allows it to be connected directly to a 12v battery. 

Key Features:

Aquatec  5800 Series Water Pump- Commercial grade,  High-Pressure/Low Volume flow rate, 1.35 Gallons per minute,  100 PSI. Made in the USA

15 Gallon Water Tank- It's 5” lid opening allows easy access for cleaning & maintaining the system. The portable model measures 34” X 16” X 13”

Coil Hose, 12’ or 25’ options-  Freelin-Wade brand, commercial grade. Made in the USA. Manufactured out of polyurethane giving it excellent “recoil memory” that minimizes hose tangles, common with cheaper type hoses used on comparable type sprayers

Strain Relief– Eliminates strain to the diaphragms pump’s fittings by securely fastening the coil hose to the water tank, not the pump itself.  

So what separates our freshwater sprayer from other similar looking sprayers on the market? Quality! We use commercial grade components in all of our products. They are built to last. The primary purpose of  our sprayer is providing  a convenient  source of high-pressure freshwater when a conventional water source is unavailable. It can be used to spray agriculture sprays as a secondary use, but we don’t suggest using it for dual applications because of  cross contamination. Other sprayers on the market are set up for agriculture spraying applications only and do not provide the high-pressure cleaning ability that our sprayer do, which is what separates our sprayers from other sprayers on the market.   


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